Server Decommissioning Experts are Ready to Help Clients Prepare for an Operating System Upgrade

With windows server 2019 now here, many organizations are getting ready to upgrade. Switching over to the latest version of Windows Server will often require deploying new hardware that is equipped to take advantage of its capabilities.

That can mean needing to take old servers out of commission to make way for more powerful systems. Experts at data center decommissioning are ready to help ensure that the process will always go smoothly.

Decommissioning Safely and Securely is Difficult, Specialized Work

Many companies of a certain size today still have thousands of their own servers in production. When so many assets need to be refreshed, it inevitably takes a great deal of knowledge, organization, and attention to manage the process successfully.

Experts at decommissioning large collections of servers and other digital assets have developed ways of ensuring that all the associated details will be accounted for appropriately at every stage of the switchover. That normally means seeing to needs like the following at a high level in each and every case.

Discovery. Before a single server can be taken offline and processed, the entire network must first be mapped and cataloged. Thorough, accurate discovery is the only way to ensure each server that needs to be decommissioned will actually end up being dealt with properly. At the same time, most companies will also have requirements in place that need to be respected by vendors. That will mean needing to be able to limit discovery to only those network segments where it is appropriate.

Tear-down. Once a detailed map of the infrastructure has been created, technicians can then proceed to remove those servers that will be replaced. This will typically involve a fair amount of hands-on, physical work, with the minimization of disruption being important at all times.

Recycling. Finally, servers that have been removed from a facility must be disposed of in secure, environmentally responsible ways. Once again, it will normally take a fair amount of effort and skill to carry out such duties successfully.

A Simpler Way to Upgrade

Working with a company that has such capabilities will mean being able to upgrade more smoothly to a new version of Windows Server. With many businesses now contemplating that move themselves, seeking out such assistance will always pay off.

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